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How Nicolas Cabrignac built an HR SaaS using Bubble
4 min read

How Nicolas Cabrignac built an HR SaaS using Bubble

Think confluent
How Nicolas Cabrignac built an HR SaaS using Bubble

Hey! What are you working on and what led you to building with no code? Have you got any previous experience of building sites/apps?

I am working on Think Confluent, a SaaS that guides HR to easily adapt in real-time to the needs and expectations of every employee in their company. To make it simple and quick we help HR sending and analyzing surveys with a twist as we take into account the personality and preferences of each employee. Then, we suggest some plans for HR, managers and employees to increase synergies and satisfaction inside the company. I had the idea to build this at the end of my cognitive sciences masters degree. We are two founders and both coming from cognitive sciences so we had no software developing background at all. I chose to work on no code tools hearing at a French podcast (Koudetat) about the story of Comet, a French company that raised 13M using Bubble for their prototype so I tried Bubble too as a test. Moreover, we wanted to build fast so using no code tools was perfectly adapted to our needs. I had no experience at building sites or apps (except a wordpress blog so that doesn't count I guess) but I have learnt how to use Bubble very fast and I instantly liked it. This is why after a couple of weeks testing Bubble, we decided to build the whole V1 of the SaaS on it.

What platforms and tools have you used to build Think confluent? How long did it take to build?

To build Think Confluent, I only used Bubble and some emailing tools for now. I have tried Webflow and Unbounce at the beginning but it only allowed me to do the landing page so it was less complete than Bubble. I started to work on the project in August 2019. To learn how to use Bubble faster, I bought a template of an app on Zeroqode. It really helped me to understand the proper functioning of Bubble and have a strong basis to iterate on. This helped me to finish the first version of Think Confluent in October 2019. This version had some defaults related to the features so we decided to pivot in January and change our core features. So I have built our current platform between January and April 2020. At this time we designed the platform on Figma before building it. It really helped us to have a great overview of what we wanted to do. Now, we are connected to Mailchimp, Analytics, Segment, Stripe and G Suite to track our data but we don't use Zapier yet. We may think about it when we will grow.

How have you gone about growing your user base? What has been most effective?

We have mostly contacted people on LinkedIn that fitted with our target. As we are B2B SaaS we figured out it was the best way to start. I am also developing a blog right now to share relevant content with our users (I am also building the blog on Bubble). This blog will be ready soon! Finally I developed a free Remote Covid-19 Module. This is a simplification of our core product but targeting remote and well-being during the crisis. We started with a Google form and Google sheet to collect data and then built it on Bubble a couple of weeks later. We collected a lot of Email addresses with this remote landing page announcing the module (actually more than for our core product to be honest) so this was clearly the most effective way!

Have you monetised it yet and if so, what is your revenue model?

We have not monetized yet. We are planing to do a free beta for the next months to check the app and improve it but we plan to monetize by the end of the year. Our revenue model will be a classic SaaS one. We plan to charge as a monthly/ annual subscription per user. We are still debating for the final price and the different plans but we should offer different plans regarding to the size of the company.

What has been the hardest part of building, growing or monetising Think confluent?

The hardest part is clearly to reach people. As we have built Think Confluent right after graduating we had no network. We also added some spicy difficulties by planning to incorporate in the USA as we are French. So definitely, reaching US targets as French freshly graduated is quite tough. Regarding the development, this was also a big deal to make our idea fitting into Bubble features. We had to improvise a bit but this was really exciting! After that part, building the product was not the main difficulty; I don't have much to say about the no code experience except that it really made our project achievable.

Do you have any tips on building, growing or monetising a no code product/business?

I have always learned autonomously so I did not watch many tutorials or resources before starting my journey on Bubble. Sometimes, this made me lose some time on easy things, but it also helped me to step up quickly and learn from my mistakes. Moreover, starting on a template was really helpful. The template was far from the final result but it made me understand very fast how to manipulate data, workflows and elements. It was a great $90 investment but I guess that someone with a little more time or some developing knowledge could do great without it. I also encourage people to create a wireframe before starting the development. It will help to have a strong view on what you want to build. Regarding the growth, I think that adapting in real time can allow to get strong results. Our remote module brought us more results in the shortest time lapse. So I'd say that the most important is to be able to move fast and react quickly, especially in crisis times. As we are not charging yet, I won't try to give advice about monetization 😅!

Where can we find out more about Think confluent and connect with you?

You can visit our website here You can also learn more about our remote module.

We also have a very new twitter account @ThinkConfluent and @Nicowcbg

Finally we are also on Linkedin

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