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How Jordan Richardson built a business marketing platform with Bubble
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How Jordan Richardson built a business marketing platform with Bubble

How Jordan Richardson built a business marketing platform with Bubble

Hey! What are you working on and what led you to building with no code? Have you got any previous experience of building sites/apps?

Back when I was at Teach For America (as a 6th grade math teacher in Las Vegas), I wanted to make some side cash — and I came across a news article that touted the mobile game “Flappy Bird” as generating 60k / DAY in ad-click revenue.

As a naive optimist, I decided I’d start a “side hustle” and tried my hand at Buildbox (another AWESOME no-code tool).

As a non-programmer, I ended up falling in love with the promise of #nocode tools.

A few years later, I was approached by the owner of my solar company (now my partner, Richard Bitton). He had an idea & knew I had dabbled in app-building. He asked me if I could join him in building his idea. I told him I could “fake it till I make it”.

Revetize was born.

What platforms and tools have you used to build Revetize? How long did it take to build?

100% Although our native app was Zeroqode’s wrapper, I guess.

Hard to say how long it took to build…. Version 1? That was lightning fast. But we’ve iterated so many times based on customer feedback that it’s constantly being “built”, to this day :)

That’s one thing I love about #nocode — I’m able to iterate faster than all my competitors — with just 1 dev!

How have you gone about growing your user base? What has been most effective?

We’ve tried everything: Cold phone/email/linkedin, knocking business doors, etc.

Lately we’ve been pleased with Capterra as a lead-gen solution. Their PPC economics work out pretty well for our particular model.

Have you monetised it yet and if so, what is your revenue model?

Yes, we’ve monetized — we just landed our first enterprise deal (76-location tanning client). We primarily serve local businesses — so we charge per location. We also have a credit-based system for tracking SMS, Email, Voicemail, and Pen-Written mail communication. If clients want to send more than a typical single-location business sends, they can purchase more credits.

What has been the hardest part of building, growing or monetising Revetize?

I think one of the biggest blessings of #nocode is that you can iterate lightning fast to please customers. But that can be a drawback (if you let it), too — “Feature creep” is all too real, and I think we’ve had to struggle to find a happy medium.

Do you have any tips on building, growing or monetising a no code product/business?

Yes: Be a painkiller for your customer, not a vitamin.

Where can we find out more about Revetize and connect with you?

If interested in using Revetize, please request a no-obligation demo here:

If you’d like to connect personally and/or ask me any #nocode questions, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:

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