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Every Friday, we share a Perk with the NCF community.

These "Perks" include discounts for no-code platforms, no-code tools and more. These offers are only available to NCF members. Some Perks are forever deals and others are limited time deals. If you're not already a member, sign up now to get access to all current and future Perks.

Our current Perks include:

Airtable - $500 credit

Weglot - 15% off forever

Payhip - 50% off forever - 20% off all plans

Secret - 5 free deals

Carrd - 30% off one Pro upgrade/renewal

Parabola - $75/month credit for two months

Adalo - 20% off Adalo for 6 months

MeetEdgar - 1 free month of MeetEdgar

Stacker - 1 free month of Stacker

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