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AMA roundup - Memberstack
5 min read

AMA roundup - Memberstack

Tyler Bell and Duncan Hamra

When is the new Memberstack UI being launched?

Duncan: We just released an updated dashboard UI that lets you integrate Memberstack via links instead of data attributes. We’re adding more website builders in the next few months. We’re rebuilding the member facing side of Memberstack (the stuff that appears on your website) very soon too. We want to make that more flexible and browser compatible.

When can we give the option for our customers to pay monthly or yearly?

Tyler: You can do that now by creating two memberships (for monthly and yearly). We have plans of making that easier in the future though.

What are you most excited about that will be coming to Memberstack this year?

Tyler: The #1 thing I am most excited about this year is a bigger team! The beginning of this year we were a team of 2 and now we are a team of 4. In the coming months we will be expanding again to 6-8!This is going to give us way more bandwidth to build new features and make improvements. But if I had to name a feature, I would say our Integromat App. It’s been highly requested so we are excited to release it as soon as we can.

What have been the biggest hurdles for you so far?

Duncan: The biggest hurdles so far… trying to predict the future and make an appropriate plan in response. It’s so hard! You never know how high to aim or how much risk to take. I’d say we’ve overcome most of that hurdle by listening more closely to users. Instead of relying solely on prediction we just do what helps the most people right now.

If you could start over, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

Duncan: If we did it again, we’d expand the team sooner. Our lives have improved 10x since we started working with Molly Floyd and Naitik Mehta.

What are some of the biggest learnings you’ve had?

Tyler: For me, would be learning just how supportive the overall online community is!

Interested to know what the main use cases you see are with Memberstack?

Tyler: Our most common use case is gated content. We see tons of users building websites where they are charging for access to some part of their website.We also see quite a few of service websites. Where users are signing up and paying for a service that’s offsite. An example of that would be a gym charging their monthly membership fee via memberstack.

Duncan: Off the top of the list in no particular order:

  • Wordpress
  • A backend API
  • Importing members
  • Social Login
  • Integromat
  • More payment gateways (paypal, iDeal, apple pay, etc)
  • 100% Secure files

What are some of the biggest things that hang up or confuse your users?

Duncan: We’re in the process of getting more organized on this one. Before your videos we had quite a few people asking about user-specific dashboards, but that’s not an issue anymore. We hear most form people who want to use Memberstack with tools like Integromat and Zapier. Because there are so many options, there’s a lot more that can go wrong. If you want something really specific - I’d say upload profiling pictures. That’s a tough one to solve on the cheap.

Will we be able to do individual transactions (AirBnB Booking Style) through Memberstack at some point?

Tyler: Yes, it’s on our roadmap to make individual transactions possible

What are you looking for when you onboard someone, while being remote? How do you feel that person and how he/she will work with the rest of the team?

Duncan: We really like to focus on quality of past work. We but waaaay more emphasis on that than a degree, age, background, etc. When it comes to “feel” we try to have as many conversation as possible. Ideally, we have a chance to see how people interact with others in online communities and over the phone. Past conversations on the web aren’t a perfect proxy for personality, but it’s reassuring to see people helping others, being kind, and being calm on the internet.

Tyler: +1 to having conversations. We find we can learn a lot about someone just by talking.

What's a typical working day look like for you?

Tyler: For me, I try to spend at least 75% of my time working on new features, making improvements, and squashing bugs. The rest of the time is spent talking and planning with the team, and then helping out with customer support

Duncan: I try to work outside as much as possible. My commute usually involved carrying my gear to the back porch and setting up shop. Lately I’ve been doing 2-4 hours of support per day, 2 hours of design, 3 hours of hiring, and 1-2 hours of random to-do’s. Yesterday, I got to spend a few hours rebuilding our help center, and that felt GREAT! So nice to get back into Webflow .

Do you get a chance to think about the bigger picture? If so where would you like to take MemberStack in the future?

Duncan: It’s been a question we’ve spent so much time with over the last 6-months.If I could boil it down into a single paragraph, I’d say something like:

We want to turn designers into developers, turn business owners into product owners, and turn developers… into developers with more free time.

We want to be the most flexible, highly integrated, secure, and user friendly user authentication system on the internet. Essentially a tool that’s “enterprise” enough for the Wall Street Journal, but accessible enough that a freelancer designer could offer it to their mom & pop clients.

What payment methods can I integrate?

Tyler: At the moment we only support credit cards via Stripe. It’s on our roadmap to support Apple Pay, all the other mobile “Pays”, iDeal, and Paypal.

With recurring payments, what happens when a payment is missed? Specifically, do you handle re-attempts to take the payment or emails to notify the customer?

Tyler: You have full control of missed and failed payments via Stripe. Through stripe, you can configure how many re-attempts you want, and can even configure failed payment emails.

When you do get some off time what do you do to unwind? Also, do you guys have any hobbies?

Tyler: I love hiking and running and I can speak for Duncan on this one too, but we both love taking small trips to the mountains for day hikes. Another thing I like is building and flying RC planes. Haven’t had much time lately, but it’s something I enjoy.

Duncan: I'm converting a van into a house/office

Keen to hear how you guys are handling Covid19? How are you finding working in quarantine as a team. And have you seen any cool uses of Memberstack being put to use to help?

Duncan: Luckily, we’ve been a remote team from the start. We really feel for the teams and folks out there who haven’t had such an easy time with the transition.

One thing we have started to notice is the lack of social interaction and “heaviness” of the news is taking it’s toll on everyone. Luckily we can work flexible hours and only work when we feel most effective.

I don’t know of any that are live yet, but I’ll keep an eye out! I know a few folks have started building, but they aren’t launched just yet.

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