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How Laura Bosco built an app for solving soccer team management in 10 hours
3 min read

How Laura Bosco built an app for solving soccer team management in 10 hours

Hey! What are you working on and what led you to building with no code? Have you got any previous experience of building sites/apps?

Hey hey! I recently built a no code prototype that helps soccer coaches manage youth teams. Most youth football clubs (in the US) use a variety of manual systems that are, well, pretty rough. I wanted to explore a mobile app option that would make things easier.

Inspiration for the idea came from a few sources. One of my clients (I’m a writer for tech startups) challenged me to build something with no code. After I seriously struggled to come up with any good ideas, my husband, a licensed soccer coach, helped me pinpoint a few painful problems in his niche.

As far as experience, I used to be a Digitial Project Manager at a WordPress agency, and I did leverage a WordPress theme to build my own site. So I have some familiarity with websites. But I wouldn’t at all say I’m “proficient” in the actual build process. And I’m certainly not proficient in app-building, programming, or coding!

I’m currently working on a fun little no code website project in Webflow, but you’ll have to keep an eye out on Twitter and Product Hunt for that one...

What platforms and tools have you used to build Playercard? How long did it take to build?

Phew. Well, since I was 95% new to the no code space (besides Google sheets and Airtable) I spent a lot of time trying out different tools. Probably 1 hour browsing different websites to figure out what the heck is even out there, and another 3+ hours creating a database and trying out popular tools like Glide and Bubble.

Ultimately, I settled on using Airtable as my database and Thunkable as the app-builder. The actual build took me around, oh, 9 to 10 hours. That includes at least 2 hours hanging out in forums and help docs trying to figure out how to do stuff. And I’m sure I spent at least an hour or two obsessively tweaking visuals.

How have you gone about growing your user base? What has been most effective?

My prototype was more of an experiment—to figure out what’s actually possible if you know zero code—than a business idea. So I haven’t done anything to grow a user base.

Have you monetised it yet and if so, what is your revenue model?

I don’t have any plans to monetize. At least, not this project. ;)  

What has been the hardest part of building, growing or monetising Playercard.

Ironically, the hardest part of building a no code app was not knowing any code. Here’s what I mean by that. While I technically didn’t need to adjust styling with CSS or add functionality with Javascript, I did have to know tech terms like padding, margin, and functions. And I did need to think like a developer to piece it all together.

Do you have any tips on building, growing or monetising a no code product/business?

Get started. While figuring out no code tools is way faster than learning code, it still takes time. The more you experiment and spend time in the tools, the better you’ll understand how to manipulate and leverage them. So whether it’s your actual business idea or a ridiculous landing page, get started on something.

Also, talk with people! You’re not the only one trying to figure these things out. While I was building, I met a handful of generous and super kind people on Twitter. Several sites even curate no code communities. I firmly believe the best products are not built in isolation. So get started, but don’t go at it alone.

Where can we find out more about Playercard and connect with you?

If you’re curious about my prototype and how I pieced it all together, check out a detailed version of my journey over on the Krit blog. If you want to connect with me, the best place is Twitter. I’m @lauraebosco, and I’d love it if you said hey.

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